Sam Simpson Art

I am a visual and movement/dance artist, drawing & painting dancers; capturing that moment in time when a dancer is lost in the music.  I deliver creative movement workshops, alongside my public event “We love dancing come join us”

about me

Hi there!

I’m Sam Simpson a visual and movement artist. I deliver movement combined with drawing workshops. I have been working with young people, special educational needs children and vulnerable adults for over 7 years. 

My workshops are fun and relax body and mind. My area of work involves covering the 5 parts of wellbeing which has been outlined by the New Economics Foundation which are to connect, be active, to give, to take notice and to learn.

The benefits of my workshops

  • Proven to build confidence and self esteem
  • Connect to people to one another, release energy creatively and emotionally
  • Movement/dancing is a release for participants that will help them to relax body and mind
  • Helps participants to express what they cannot express in words
  • A fun source of exercise
  • Dancing can make a person feel physically refreshed and improve their mood, tackling serious issues including anxiety and depression
  • Incorporates cardiovascular exercise (which raises the heart rate) this helps to maintain a healthy weight and bones.
  • Reduces stress, improves motivation and focus


My art

Sam paints all types of movement, dance and sport. Sam ideas come from twenty years of dancing. The connection between her and the people around her, while out dancing, are a huge influence. Sam captures the anatomy of a dancer in motion, so there is an ethereal sense of space captured; a definite difference between dancer and background. Her images are surreal and transient, conveying a dreamlike state, or trance, which is achieved when dancers are ‘in the zone’; lost in total concentration.

Community Blog

Revoelution youth group

    In the Summer I received Revoe community grant to deliver art and movement workshops to Revoe youth club.  We had a great time painting, dancing and playing with…

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